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 Title 1/LAP Program


Parent Involvement Policy


2013 - 2014
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Washington State

Common Core Standards

 Requirements in Reading and Math


Reading and math instruction and assessment at Elger Bay Elementary are linked directly to the Common Core Standards by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington State:



   Literature & Informational Text Standards


   Foundational Skills Standards


   In addition the Common Core Standards

     include: writing, speaking & listening, &




   The student understands and applies the concepts and procedures of mathematics.


   The student uses mathematics to define and solve problems.


The Common Core Standards are available from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website: www.k12.wa.us.



Title 1 and Learning Assistance Programs

The Stanwood-Camano School District receives federal and state funding to support students who need assistance in order to meet the grade level performance expectations in reading and math. This year, Elger Bay Elementary has focused their

Title 1/LAP funds on kindergarten – 5th grade for math and kindergarten – 4th in reading support.



Research Based Instruction

In the past 20 years, brain research has provided important information about how children learn:


   Students need to be exposed to on grade level material and be provided with supplemental material for instruction at their academic level.


   Students benefit from early, systematic instruction in phonics.


   Students need to learn a variety of strategies to unlock unknown words.


   Students need to learn strategies for monitoring comprehension.


   Students need to understand and apply procedures for addition and subtraction and later multiplication and division of whole numbers with fluency.


In planning for reading and math instruction at our school, these important research-based findings are given high priority and woven into the instructional plan for all students.



Helping Students Succeed


The Elger Bay Elementary staff is committed to helping all students become proficient readers and mathematicians. At the beginning of the school year, all students are assessed in the areas of reading and math with a variety of assessments including Measures of Academic Progress, Test of Early Literacy, Test of Early Numeracy, AIMSweb math & reading fluency and other Curriculum Based Measures.


The results of these assessments, along with other information about the students’ reading and math, are used to determine an instructional level in reading and math for each student. Students who score below grade level benchmarks are identified. Those most in need are considered for supplementary assistance through the

Title 1/LAP tutoring program.



Learning At Elger Bay Elementary


·       Early systematic instruction in phonics.


·       Small group instruction in reading for all students, kindergarten through fifth.


·       A daily 90 minute reading block with in-class supplemental support through the Title 1/LAP program.


·       SRA’s Early Intervention Program fro 1st graders who have been identified for the Title 1/LAP program.


·       Read Naturally and Rewards may be used for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who have been identified for the Title 1/LAP tutoring program in reading.


·       A 20 minute daily read-at-home homework expectation with parent signature required.


·       Supplemental Origo math resource may be used for 1st – 5th grade in math for students qualified in the Title 1/LAP Program.


·       A Parent and Teacher Resource Library (located in the work room) with materials, books, and games are available for all parents and teachers.


·       Newsletters with ideas for working with children on reading and math  are located on the school website.


·       On-going AIMSweb assessment and progress monitoring in reading and math program.


·       Math thirty minute intervention groups are formed at each grade level for 4 days per week.


·       Journeys and Math Expressions have an on-line support site (Think Central) that the parent and child can access and see the same material as in the classroom.


username: (child’s 7 digit lunch code)

password: stanwood




Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Information and Communication


A strong home-school connection is a key ingredient of student success. At EBE, we are committed to working hand-in hand with parents to help each of our students succeed. We welcome and encourage your active involvement.


Information on student progress and assessment is shared during fall and spring conferences and reported on the trimester progress reports. Teachers are available throughout the year to discuss individual student progress. The Title 1/LAP Coordinator is also available to meet with parents at any time throughout the year to review assessment and progress monitoring data and answer questions or address concerns.


A parent/teacher/student compact (as shown below) will be shared with the parents of participating Title I and LAP students throughout the year, beginning with the fall conference. You are welcome to contact DeAnn Larson, Title 1/LAP Coordinator, to learn how you can provide input on the compact or the parent involvement policy, or to become a member of the Title I/LAP Parent Advisory Council.


Watch for more details in the Elger Bay newsletter.




The District PAC (Parent Advisory Counsel) has developed a compact that each elementary in Stanwood/Camano school district is committed to following.  The motto is, “One Community Dedicated to the Success of Every Child.”  It includes the commitments from a teacher, parent and student.



We are committed to the vision of the Stanwood-Camano School District:

       “One Community Dedicated To The Success Of Every Student”


As evidence of my commitment, as a teacher:


I will demonstrate a professional attitude.

I will build positive and respectful partnerships with students, parents, and staff.

I will provide a safe and engaging environment for learning.

I will provide instruction that addresses the needs of the diverse learners in my classroom.

I will model lifelong learning by staying professionally current.


As evidence of my commitment, as a parent:


I will send my child to school well rested, fed, and ready to learn.

I will be involved in my child’s education.

I will share responsibility for consistent communication between home and school.

I will offer praise and encouragement for effort and achievement.

I will set up a time for my child to practice reading and math regularly.


As evidence of my commitment, as a student:


I will attend school regularly, arrive on time, and be prepared to do my best.

I will participate in class, share ideas, and ask for help when I need it.

I will bring home important papers and discuss school activities with my family.

I will complete and return all of my assigned homework at the prescribed time.

I will actively practice the Lifelong Guidelines and LIFESKILLS.


                  Teacher                                                      Parent                                                                        Student












We welcome your comments and questions

In regard to the Title 1 Program at

Elger Bay Elementary



Victor Hanzeli, Principal

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DeAnn Larson, Title 1 Reading & Math Specialist

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You have the right to file a written complaint if you think that there are violations of federal statute or regulations that apply to Title I, Part A programs.  The procedures for filing a complaint are available from the Stanwood-Camano School District Title I/Learning Assistance Program Coordinator, who can be reached at 360-629-1200